Sea Vision Underwater Light Install - 70' Realship 1995

As part of the extension of this steel hull trawler powerful underwater lights were added. The design allows for easy access for service and replacement of bulbs from inside the lazarette hatch of the vessel. Two lights was all that were needed to provide a full illumination aft of this vessel.
Lights in fabricated rail
Housing for underwater lights
Temporary cover for paint process
Easy access to service Underwater Lights
Underwater Lights Displayed

70' Real Ships 1995 Steel Trawler MY/ IMPERVIOUS

IMPERVIOUS 1995 Real Ships 70' Steel Trawler

IMPERVIOUS is a 1995 Real Ships steel hulled vessel.  Over a 4 year period she came into the yard for a series of extensive interior and exterior refits to meet the cruising needs of this vessel.  The initial interior refit was focused on modifying the crew quarters.  The newly acquired vessel had damage from salt water induced corrosion that required immediate attention as well as re-engineering of the exhaust system, upgrading stabilizers and redoing entire water system.

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