Wesmar 9' - 88' Dominator

This vessel was not equipped with stabilizers and was desired by owner. Proper location for fin required the relocation of much of the equipment in the engine room. In addition the 9' Wesmar stabilizer fin needed to be modified to clear the lifting strakes on the hull of this boat. This resulted in no loss of performance of the stabilizer system and modifications such as this are often required.
Equipment needed to be relocated prior to actuator install
Grinding area for mounting block - note vacuum line to outside boat
Laminated block in place
Actuator installed
Modifying stabilizer fin
Faring modified stabilizer fin
Fitting modified fin - note lifting strakes on hull outside of fin
Finished Wesmar 9' stabilizer

88' Dominator

The owner of this latter model yacht wanted to add stabilizers, watermaker and a new hydraulic system. Normal maintenance repairs were made as well, including repairing the aft deck which had begun to collapse. In addition the vessel had a signicicant vibration coming from the upper deck when the vessel ran at certain speeds.

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