49' Grand Banks

1999 49 Grand Banks
This cruising couple bought this beautiful 1999 49' Grand Banks, which was in need of some general maintenance, as well as deck repair. The customer also chose to add some custom features including a washer/dryer/utility room. After careful consideration, it was decided that removal of the original teak deck and replacing it with a painted, nonskid, fiberglass deck was the best option for them. The later model deck paint scheme and color was selected for a more current look.

Services Performed

Services: Custom Carpentry
  • Custom Teak Fold up TV cabinet
  • Fitting prior to final install
  • Customer supplied monitor
Customer wanted something relatively simple for the TV monitor, this worked out quite well, finished with Eppifannes satin. a new headliner was also installed
Services: Teak Decks
  • Original teak decks leaking badly and in poor condition
  • Original teak decks leaking badly and in poor condition
  • Removing original deck
  • Fiberglass deck under teak needed a great deal of repair, and removal of water from core
  • Fairing and filleting process
  • Post non skid paint, routing fiberglass for flush hinges
  • Finished fwd deck with flush hinges installed
  • Lower house, and transom was also painted
This customer had recently purchased this very nice Grand Banks, which unfortunately needed work on the deck, as well as some other changes, including new laundry center, TV cabinet, and other misc items. After investigating cost of new teak, as well as synthetic deck material, the decision was made to remove the old teak, repair underlayment as required, prime and paint deck with Dupont MS 600, and a polymeric non skid compound. Deck color was chosen to match current production Grand Banks
Services: Custom Carpentry
  • Former stateroom beginning to be converted to Laundry center
  • Fitting equipment
  • Washer/Dryer installed, with folding table
  • Washer/Dryer installed, with folding table
  • Canvas cover fitted
  • Very clean and out of sight
This cruising couple needed a laundry room, not an extra stateroom, so a decision was made to convert the port guest stateroom to a laundry center complete with folding/work table.

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