70' Real Ships 1995 Steel Trawler MY/ IMPERVIOUS

IMPERVIOUS 1995 Real Ships 70' Steel Trawler

IMPERVIOUS is a 1995 Real Ships steel hulled vessel.  Over a 4 year period she came into the yard for a series of extensive interior and exterior refits to meet the cruising needs of this vessel.  The initial interior refit was focused on modifying the crew quarters.  The newly acquired vessel had damage from salt water induced corrosion that required immediate attention as well as re-engineering of the exhaust system, upgrading stabilizers and redoing entire water system.  The following years refit included the installation of a second generator, a much needed laundry facility, and significant Galley upgrades.  The third years refit was focused on painting of the entire hull and superstructure.  The 4th and most significant refit included an 8 foot steel hull extension,  new electronics suite with NMEA 2000 integration to original analog systems, aft deck refit with fiberglass built ins, full salon and pilot house refit, new watermaker installation and AGM battery upgrade.

Services Performed

Services: Hull Extension
  • Original Aft Hull
  • 3D CAD rendering of Hull Extension
  • Detailed drawings for cutting of steel plates
  • Cutting into existing fuel tank
  • Steel plate Templates
  • Plates primed before being attached
  • Welding new hull plates
  • New Hull before splash

The Project Goal was to improve access towing and use of the tender. Also it provided easy access for swimming and aft boarding, add 500 gallons additional fuel capacity and improve overall performance.  3D CAD programs were used for design and templating of steel components and Stainless Steel railings.  Results acheived both improvement in boat handling and an increased vessel performance by 1 knott.

Services: NMEA 2000 systems
  • Original 1995 Electronics
  • Fabricating for new Electronics Pannel
  • Helm AGM Battery system
  • Final Electronics Install
  • Maretron NMEA monitoring modules

The project goal was to replace the original 1995 electronics suite with new electronics and a NMEA 2000 backbone to monitor all major vessel systems.  A full Raymarine E and G series electronics package including cameras was installed.  Electronics cooling system, fire extinguishing system, improved wing controls and AGM battery bank were added to support the new electronics. 

Services: Interior
  • Old Crew Quarter
  • New Crew Quarter
  • Sink Moved to Head

The project goal was to change the crew quarters from a single bed to a double bed plus move the stateroom sink into the bathroom, update the finish out and add drawers and cedar lined closet.  The double bed was designed so it can easily be converted to an office desk.  Walls are Ultrawood pre-finished vaneer panels with teak trim.  A stretch ceiling was added with LED lights.

Services: Custom Fabrication
  • Original Aft deck
  • First fitting of fiberglass insert
  • New Grill station

Steel hull vessel needed built in grilling station for aft deck.  Custom built fiberglass enclosure built for housing grill as well as extra storage.  Product was finished with Dupont MS600.

Services: Underwater Lights
  • Lights in fabricated rail
  • Housing for underwater lights
  • Temporary cover for paint process
  • Easy access to service Underwater Lights
  • Underwater Lights Displayed
As part of the extension of this steel hull trawler powerful underwater lights were added. The design allows for easy access for service and replacement of bulbs from inside the lazarette hatch of the vessel. Two lights was all that were needed to provide a full illumination aft of this vessel.
Services: Boarding Ladders
  • Installed ladder in open position
  • Cam detail
  • Ladder in Stow position
This swim ladder was designed and installed with ease of entry in mind. The ladder also doubles as a safety device allowing a person to access the vessel in a man overboard scenario. The ladder conveniently folds up and attaches to the vessel.
Services: Custom Fabrication
  • 3D CAD Drawing
  • Step Detail
  • View looking Aft
  • Layout Sheet for CNC Waterjet Machine
  • Drawing with Finished Deminsions
  • Welding in Shop
  • After Primed - Fairing is Sprayed On
  • Install on Vessel with First Half of Rail Finished
This Aluminum stairs with Stainless Steel hand rails evolved from the original steel design. The original design was an enclosed staircase that provided storage within. It was felt that this would create far to much maintenance and it was desired to have a more open appearance. The aluminum stairs are also removable to ease painting and repair in the future if required. They were attached used islolation techniques to prevent galvanic corrosion. It was also desired to have lights which were incorporated beneath each stair in the original construction to avoid corrosion. Corrosion resistance was the paramount concern in this designa as well as all of our designs with metal boats. The DuPont Imron MS600 system with DuPont Alumistick epoxy primer was utilized.
Services: Custom Fabrication
  • Space for Desired Seating and Table
  • 2 Piece Fiberglass Back and Base Fitted with Underneath Storage
  • Finished Product
  • Removable Houser Hole Plug
It was deisred to add built-in seating and table to maximize space and provide outdoor dining. Fiberglass was selected for relative ease of fabrication and corrosion resistance. It could have been built from Aluminum or Steel, but it was felt that fiberglass was the best choice. It was also desired to plug the upper cleats so that their use in the future could be utilized if required. The plugs were intended to keep rain water and moisture out of the storage area. A dining table was fabricated from PVC with a folding leaf and painted with DuPont Imron MS600 to match. The table can accomodate up to 8 people. The upholstry is Sunbrella and custom covers finish the job.
Services: Interior
  • Removal of Original Bar and Entertainment Center
  • Original Padded Ceiling Removed
  • Finished Beadboard Ceiling with Removable Teak Perimeter
  • Construction
  • Finished Product
The object of the project was to add a full service bar which inluded a wine chiller, ice machine and wet sink. It was also desired to upgrade all audio and visual components. All existing cabinetry was removed and new African Teak floor added and beaded ceiling with light weight removable teak pannels around the perimeter added for access to wires and mechanical systems. New cabinets were built with additional depth added to accomodate powerful and new audio visual equipment. A cooling system was installed for all audio and visual equipment. The panel behind ultra thin LCD television is removable for additional access to all wiring as well as connection to the remote satelitte receivers for 4 different zones. A new M7 KVH multiple LMB Satelitte Dish receiver provides the satelitte signal. The project was finished out with granite countertops and LED lighting.
Services: Interior
  • Original Interior
  • Setee Under Construction
  • Finished Product
This vessels original design was built to accomodate regular household furniture. Although this seems desirable it is not an efficient use of space. The owner wanted to maximize floor space, improve seating, add storage and provide ability to dine indoors. This new arrangement is also vastly superior in heavy seas. Solid Teak and Teak vaneer were utilized for all exterior surfaces and interior was lined with white mica. Special hinges provide easy access to large under seat storage areas. The arms flip open to provide storage for liquor bottles. Rope lighting was added behind the seat for additional lighting and ambiance. The table is custom fabricated by Release Marine in Savanah GA. The table is a high low configuration with pop out leaves that provide a 6 foot table that can easily accomodate 8 people for dining.
Services: Propspeed
  • Props in Shop
  • Installed on Vessel
It has always been desirable to provide antifouling to propellers and other under water bronze components. In the past this was accomplished by a 3 step process that was expensive and short lived. PropSpeed has changed all that. Although it does require a precise application technique, it is far simpler than systems of the past. When properly applied PropSpeed is capable of providing multi year service.

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