Boarding Ladders

  • Original side door
  • Hinged side door
  • New modified side door
This yacht customer desired to change the side boarding door which had previously blocked the deck to a door that opened out.
  • Existing ladder prior to refit
  • Exiting transom after new paint
  • Extending existing swim platform
  • Fabricating anodized aluminum stairs
Customer desired to improve accessibility on the classic 1964 Burger yacht to the aft deck for swimming and boarding of dingy and did not want a ladder but wanted stairs. This was part of a major post purchase refit performed at Gillen Diesel...
  • Installed ladder in open position
  • Cam detail
  • Ladder in Stow position
This swim ladder was designed and installed with ease of entry in mind. The ladder also doubles as a safety device allowing a person to access the vessel in a man overboard scenario. The ladder conveniently folds up and attaches to the vessel.

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